How Fast Do Treadmill Desks Go?

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One of the first questions people ask when they hear about walking and working is: how fast do treadmill desks go? The answer depends on the type of treadmill desk that you are using. The question of speed is at the heart of many of the questions about treadmill desks. Is it easy to walk and do work at the same time? Am I going to break out in a sweat at my desk? Will I be able to type? What is the best speed to walk at as a new owner of a treadmill desk? Read on to learn about how walking at work is easier than you think.

Treadmills come in a many shapes and sizes, one of which is the office treadmill. How fast a treadmill at a desk goes is different from a running treadmill. Treadmills that were designed for the office are made for walking at work, so speed plays an important role in the ease of using a treadmill inside your office. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 has a speed range from 0.5 to 2.0 mph.

While 0.5 mph may seem like a snails pace, it’s actually perfect when you’re just starting out at a treadmill desk. Getting used to movement while typing at the very beginning is the best way to get acclimated to your keyboard. While you might think that you would do best cranking up the treadmill to its highest speed, hold back and try this first. You might find it easier to work up to your optimal speed rather than starting at that speed right away.

If you ask Rebel Desk customers, most will say that they feel most comfortable walking 1.2 to 1.5 miles per hour. Also, most find typing and walking an easy learning curve. Below is an example of when we had people who’ve never walked at a treadmill desk try and use one for the very first time! I think they did pretty great!

If you’re someone who just feels they need to be at a higher pace, the Rebel Treadmill 1000 goes up to a speed of 2 mph. We keep it at this top speed for a few reasons. First, we wouldn’t want you sweating at your desk, and we don’t want you getting tired either. The benefit of a treadmill desk is to keep you moving, alert, engaged, and increasing your daily step count. We do not want you feeling like you just left a spin class! Next, we want you to stay safe at work. If you need to convince your boss to get a treadmill desk, they shouldn’t feel any trepidation over a treadmill with a top speed of 2 mph.

If you end up using an old running treadmill and sticking it over a standing desk, be aware that the lowest speed on the treadmill might be 4 or 5 mph. This pace might not make for an optimal speed for walking, and it’s important to be comfortable at your treadmill desk so you get the most out of your work day!

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