How A Treadmill Desk Can Save Your Conference Call

We’ve all been there. Conference calls.

You’ve blocked off one hour on your calendar, but then the call stretches on . . . and on . . . and on . . . People talking over each other or, perhaps worse, one person talking the entire time. Your mind starts to wander:

What should I do for dinner? Will I be able to take the dog out before it rains? Did I ever respond to that email?

Maybe you start to nod off. Then you hear, “Don’t you agree, [insert your name here]?” Of course you agree! What else can you say when you haven’t been paying attention.

When the call finally ends, you realize you hardly took any notes and really don’t remember much of the conversation.

In a survey conducted by RW3, a New York culture and leadership training company, 71% of participants cited a lack of participation by others as a problem with virtual meetings.

Can conference calls can be more tolerable?


An article in the Wall Street Journal recently offered a few tips on how to keep participants engaged and part of the conversation.

  • In a large conference call, have everyone introduce themselves and explain their roles within the company.
  • Make your agenda and goals for the call clear and scripted to stay on course and focused during the call.
  • Ask questions regularly so it is easier to be alert and active during the conversation.

We’d like to add another tip to the list: take your conference call from a treadmill desk.

Walking at a treadmill desk while on a conference call can be beneficial for both the participant and the employer. The participant can add to his or her daily step count, burn some calories, and feel more focused during the conference call. Trust us, it will be easier to stay awake while your walking at 1.2 mph rather than leaning back in your chair. The employer benefits from having a fully engaged participant who also is improving his or her health.

We have heard from Rebel Desk users that they actually look forward to conference calls because it allows for an hour or so of uninterrupted walking. That’s right, look forward to conference calls. Want to turn that dreaded block of time on your calendar into something productive, positive, and pleasant? A treadmill desk just might be your answer.

Need help convincing your boss to let you try a treadmill desk, check out this page for some more talking points.

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