Here’s a Quick Rebel Desk Review of Mobile Standing Apps!

We love making it as easy as possible to reducing the time spent sitting. Sometimes even with an adjustable desk you need a reminder to stand up. There are a handful of apps for iPhone and Android that serve as reminders to get up and move. We spent the past week reviewing two of these apps. Here’s the low down (or the stand up…).

Stand Up! by Matting 

Compatible for iPhone – Free – Easy to Find and Download

Stand Up App

The app has a short introduction that notes the negative health effects of sitting. It also compares the benefits of standing to jogging.

You next are prompted to enter your weight. The measurement is in kilograms, however, so we had do some quick conversions to get the right weight entered.

Then you see a timer that you can click to start tracking your standing time. You simply let the timer run until you decide to sit. If you forgot to run the timer, but still want to record your stats, there is an option to enter the time manually.

Once you hit stop and your time is recorded, the app gives you stats on your standing time. The stats are a bit unusual. The first one is the additional number of calories that you can consume. We’re used to thinking about how many calories we burned off rather than how many more snacks we can eat. This way seems to make it more tempting to indulge in the donuts in the break room just because we stood for a little while! The app also reported that the standing time was the equivalent of jogging 6.3 km. Again, we had to do the conversion to 3.9 miles.

While we’re all for the benefits of standing desks, this comparison seemed a bit extreme to us. There also is no additional information about what that comparison exactly means. You can share your results with your friends on social media with a quick click. Overall this app is very simple to install and start using, but the metric conversions, and feedback was not our favorite.

iPhone Compatible – Free – Easy to Find and Download
Stand App photo

The app starts with a short introduction on the dangers of sitting. There are nice graphics and good stats on the dangers of sitting.

The next step is to select between and “Alarm” and “Interval” option. It is not entirely clear what the difference is but when we explored it seems that the alarm is for a specific time and the interval is for a set amount of time. We went with Interval, where you can pick between 15, 30 minutes, 1 hour or more than one hour.

Once your interval is set, you can go about using your phone and even let it hibernate. The interval keeps working. Once the time had passed, we received a message on the phone reminding us to take a break.

Standing App Tips

If you click into the app, then a five-minute timer is running. A cool feature about this app is that once you start taking a break, there also is an option to do a short exercise. There is a pretty long lists of exercises, from water bottle arm lifts to leg raises and other muscle strengthening exercises. They can take lessthan a minute to complete. Once the five minutes is up, a message appears saying that it is time to “get back to work.”

This app has a nice design and we liked the exercise feature. It seems particularly geared for folks who do not stand at all yet and are easing intoa standing routine. 

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