Got Back Pain? A Treadmill Desk or Standing Desk Can Help!

Back pain is a big pain. It’s estimated that 65 million Americans suffer from back pain, making it the second most common reason for calling up the doctor. When we sit, we often have poor posture, hunching over laptops or tablets. We crane our necks. We sit on bulky wallets and throw off our spines. All of these things add to the risk of back pain.

It’s also estimated that you’re likely to have approximately one episode of severe back pain every 15 years!

Well, that sucks.

Glass TopThankfully you can reduce your odds of this happening by increasing your movement throughout the day. We just spoke with a customer who bought the Rebel Crank-Up 1000 about how his back injury and subsequent surgery means he cannot sit without discomfort. Standing and working is the only option for some folks. In this article (published before Rebel Desk products were available), a man reported that a standing desk helped change his life by ridding him of back pain.

Adding a Rebel Treadmill 1000 also can have tremendous benefits for those with back pain. One study found that a simple six-week walking routine was as effective at reducing chronic low back pain as the type of strength training regime you get from an expensive physical therapist.

We’ve heard from others about their back problems being so severe that they obtained a doctor’s note to have their employer pay for a standing desk. We also just shared some tips here on using FSA funds to pay for a treadmill desk.

So take a stand against back pain! Invest in feeling better!

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