Gained Weight at Work? You’re Not The Only One!

You’ve been doing that morning routine for years.

Wake up, shower, light breakfast, and out the door to your office. Once at work, you grab your coffee, chat with a co-worker or two, then sit down at your desk.

You work, and sit, and work, and sit. You grab some lunch (often at your desk), then keep plugging away. You fight through that afternoon lag and head home. By the time you get home, have dinner, maybe help with the kids homework, you’re exhausted and enjoy the rest of the evening lounging at the TV.

You might have noticed that over the years this routine has not helped your waistline. Have you gained weight since you started your office job? You could blame it on the food you eat, or your busy schedule, but the culprit might just be your office chair.

Women’s Health Magazine reported that 40% of people say they’ve gained weight at their current job. The majority of people surveyed report gaining more than 10 pounds.

The decline of physical activity in the workplace is staggering, and many times life changing. Almost every job can be done sitting in front of a computer now. Many of our jobs now demand more of our time, which means more time in front of the screen. Weight gain can be the first external physical effect of all this inactivity, but internally, the risks for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes steadily increase as well.

Don’t let sitting that kind of toll on you! Ample research shows that you consistent, moderate movement can help keep weight gain at bay. There are lots of ways to incorporate movement into your work day.You could take a break at the copy machine…

Or if that’s not your style…you could look into using a standing desk or treadmill desk. The health benefits are endless, and your body and mind will thank you for it.

To learn more about the benefits of standing, click here. To learn how walking more can benefit you, click here.

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