Four Reasons Working at a Treadmill Desk is Easier than You Think

Are you tired of being stuck in your chair all day? Want to get rid of that aching back and muscle fatigue? Ready to boost your energy and productivity by pushing that chair aside? Then you’re ready for a treadmill desk!

A treadmill desk can help you transform your day and working on one is easier than you think!  Here’s four reasons why working at a treadmill desk by Rebel Desk is as easy as walking and chewing gum.

1) You can start off slowly and set the pace you want.

When people hear the phrase “treadmill desk” they often think of a running treadmill. A more accurate description would be a walking desk because the under desk treadmill is designed just for walking. You’re not doing 8.0 mph, panting and sweating while you respond to email! With the Rebel Treadmill 1000, you can start off as slow as 0.5 mph and then vary your pace up to 2.0 mph. Many Rebel Desk users walk no faster than 1.5 mph. At this pace, you can focus on your work, keep your body moving, and burn calories.

2) The controls are right at your fingertips.

When you want to change your speed or see how far you’ve walked, the controls for the under desk treadmill will be right at your fingertips. You can easily make adjustments without interrupting your work. With the Rebel Treadmill, you see your time, speed and distance to keep track of your stats.


3) The treadmill is super quiet and not distracting for you or others.

No worries about noise from your under desk treadmill either. The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is as quiet as a fan. It was designed for use in an office and with as little disturbance as possible. Treadmill desks are used in open office floorplans, quiet individual offices, and home offices. We often have customers tell us that they love using their Rebel Desk treadmill desk during conference calls and the person on the end of the line is none the wiser!

4) You become so focused you won’t even notice.

Can you walk and chew gum? Then you can walk and work at a treadmill desk! When your body is engaged, then your mind can focus. The blood and oxygen start pumping through your brain, pushing out the chemicals that help you think, focus, and create. In a world of increasing distractions, people love treadmill desks because of how they help to keep them focused.

We know you’ve been looking for a change to your sitting routine. Using a treadmill desk is an easy switch to make!

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