Four Keys to Working More Comfortably

someone standing on terra mat

We’ve all been there. A tight deadline approaches, and you’re trying to work out the finishing touches of a big project. You skip lunch, and even bathroom breaks. Your eyeballs burn from staring at your screen for so long. Before you know it, the day has passed and your body is aching from having not moved at all. 

For millions of people who spend their work days behind a desk, this scenario is all too common. It’s time to combat office desk pain and discomfort and turn your space into one that is more comfortable.

Here are four keys to working in ways that agree with your body and ultimately allow for a more comfortable way to spend your day. 

Stand Up and Stand Out  

More and more offices around the country are giving their employees desk options after an uptick in doctor’s notes citing back pain as a reason to require a standing desk. Take advantage of an adjustable desk option and try intermittent standing while replying to your email pileup or on that extra long weekly conference call.

A recent study has shown that 75% of participants experienced decreased body discomfort after using standing desks during a 6-month duration. And just like the benefits of stretching and exercising, standing desks also are shown to increase productivity by 46%, boost creativity, and build upon any exercise you do during the week.

How You Stand Matters

If you’re a standing desk user, you know how great it feels to have the option to work outside of an office chair. However, you don’t want to trade sitting in a static position for standing in a static position. Make sure you are able to keep circulation going and remain active even while standing. You can make your standing desk much more comfortable and even more useful with a standing mat. Standing mats relieve the pressure points that can develop from standing in one place. Now you can take your standing mat experience to the next level with the CubeFit TerraMat

TerraMat combines the need for comfort while standing with the desire to stretch throughout the day. The TerraMat has 3D features on it that allow you to stretch and massage your feet. Plus, it encourages subconscious movement to keep the blood flowing. The TerraMat standing mat also has a balance bar built in that allows you to work your core and burn some extra calories. A recent study found that using an anti-fatigue mat versus standing on a hard floor can reduce discomfort in your feet and legs, as well as a reduction in stiffness in neck and shoulders. Trust us, your legs will thank you for it at the end of a long day!

Face Off With Your Screen

Neck strain resonates through your entire body, and puts a lot of pressure on your back and shoulders. When you spend 8 or more hours staring at your computer screen downward, you’re putting stress on your neck muscles. The biggest culprits are laptops, which are perfect to get work done on the go, but almost always causes the user to look down at their screen. According to experts, the angle at which our heads look down forces our spine to bear the weight of approximately 60 pounds. The best thing to do is to raise up your screen at eye level. Laptops can sit on a riser, stand alone monitors can attach to monitor arms. You’ll notice a major increase in comfort once you adjust your screen to eye level.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

That catchy children’s tune was onto something! We often forget to stretch and move during the day. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to break for exercise. Put on your favorite jam and take those 3.5 minutes to stretch your back and neck, arms and legs. Not only will you feel refreshed but a few minutes of stretching will reset your brain and give you a boost in creativity and productivity. Stretching after every half hour of being sedentary will help reduce the chances of getting carpal tunnel, tennis elbow (yes, just by working at a computer), and more serious long-term ailments.

Incorporating these tips for making your workspace more comfortable will help your body and your mind adjust to those hours you put in at your desk. Those big projects and tight deadlines won’t be such a chore when you do them your way. In fact, you may adore your job that much more if you love the space you’re in and the options you’ve created for yourself!

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