Finding Time For it All as a Busy Mom

As a mother, wife, business owner, friend, and daughter, my days can feel crazy. I want to do it all and do it all well. Some days though it can feel overwhelming. How am I going to make sure the homework gets done, the emails get sent, the blog post gets written, the babysitter (for the elusive night out) gets booked, the soccer team gets coached, the marketing plans get reviewed? Then add in eating healthy, exercising, and staying active!

I have worked crazy, long hours in my career. I was incredibly lucky that my husband stayed home with our kids during some of my most intense work years. I spent so many hours working, that time with family, friends, and even alone time for myself suffered. I used to be a very active person and exercised regularly, but I started putting exercise on the shelf so that I could get some sleep and see my kids.


All that time literally sitting at my desk started to take a toll on my mood, my health, and my back. My husband convinced me to try a treadmill desk. I was a skeptic but gave it a try. Obviously I fell in love with using one and treadmill desk-ing changed my life in many ways.

Some people might say it is a sad commentary on society that I have to exercise while I’m working because work is so demanding. I don’t see it this way though. Like most people, I have to work and my work largely is in front of a computer. Using a treadmill desk rather than a sitting desk allows me to relieve stress, reduce back pain, be more productive, and feel healthier. While I have tried to scale back on my work hours, some days it still is hard to fit in a workout. With my treadmill desk, at least I can put in a few hours of walking even if I do miss a trip to the gym.

One of my favorite benefits of my treadmill desk though is how I feel at the end of the day. If I spend my work day being active (walking and standing), I find myself more energized and in a better mood than when I’m stuck in a chair all day. Many people are surprised when I tell this because it seems that walking or standing should make you more tired than sitting. But my mind and body feel energized. Research shows that slouching in your chair can send “sad signals” to your brain and cause your metabolic systems to shut down. Both of these things can drag down your mood.

When I finally get to break away from work and see my kids, I want to be able to do it with a smile and some energy. Like many moms, I cherish that time when the responsibilities of the day can be shelved and my family can just spend time enjoying each other’s company.

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