Features of the Modern Computer Desk

A friend of mine was recently renovating his home office. It had been 30 years since he bought the furniture that was in it. The task was no small job because he had a huge steel desk. My friend had inherited the desk from his company years ago as the company moved away from steel desks. Steel desk once were all the rage. Heavy, indestructible, less expensive.

As my friend told me the tale of getting this monster desk out of his office, I thought about the evolution of desks to the modern computer desk. Since the age of the steel desk, computers have become the norm on nearly every employee’s desk. For a long time this meant that people needed more space at their desks, or under their desks, for the tall computer towers. Now with many people switching to just a laptop hooked up to a monitor, the modern computer desk has new requirements.

Cable control is important for folks trying to wrangle monitors, laptops, phones, printers, scanners, speakers, and more. A space for a keyboard tray and mouse with ergonomic setup is also important. People want their modern computer desk to look, well, modern. We appreciate the importance that aesthetics have in the office, in helping with productivity and reducing stress. (Check out this post on improving the zen in your office).
I also believe that in just a few years the modern computer desk will be one that adjusts in height and most people will be shifting between sitting and standing throughout the day. Computers are keeping us tied to our chairs and it is driving many people crazy. Back pain, shoulder aches, low energy, and weight gain are all some of the side effects of sitting. The modern computer desk will let us escape the chair and stand throughout the day. We will see sitting as something we do to take a break.
That’s exactly what my friend with the steel desk was doing. He was replacing that desk with a Rebel Crank-Up 1000 Glass Desk, which is a beautiful addition to any modern office space.
Please let us know what do you want to see with the modern computer desk!

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