Enter 2017 With These Habits for Success

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With 2016 coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year that has passed and things that have changed for the better and things that can be improved upon in 2017. It’s easy to look back upon the year that has seemed to fly by and think “next year i’ll do more.” But before you know it, we’ll be halfway through 2017 and not much will have changed. The best way to accomplish some of those yearly goals is to make a list and hang it up, reminding yourself of each particular thing you would like to accomplish in 2017. If you need a head start, or are looking for inspiration for your list, check out these tips that you can set or modify as goals for yourself!

    1. Get a head start to your day – The early bird gets the worm. If you enjoy sleeping in on the weekend, make it a once a month treat. Otherwise, get up and get going! There’s so much to do and see if you start your day a few hours earlier. Setting an alarm is an easy goal, and you’ll appreciate the extra time in your day when you’re not scarfing down a light breakfast at noon and running out the door to get some errands done. You may even find that you have more energy at the end of the day even when you do more “stuff.” And when your boss walks in on Monday morning and asks you if you had a nice weekend, you can honestly say you had a full couple of days!


    1. Spend quality time with your family – If you’ve been dodging your moms requests to come visit with the kids over spring break in their Florida condo, do give yourself the opportunity to book that vacation. Life and work get so busy that sometimes, you forget how long it’s been since all your cousins got together. It’s rare that you’ll regret taking some time to visit family, and the memories made from those trips are irreplaceable.


    1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle – This could mean getting in an extra hour of exercise every day, especially if you’re waking up earlier. Each year that passes by is another year of aging, and if you’ve noticed your back just giving out more than usual, or that you’ve discovered what sciatic pain feels like, 2017 may just be the reminder you need that you’re not 25 anymore! If you’re cranking out a busy work schedule and hoping to make big bonuses, that may seem like a deterrent to exercise but it doesn’t need to be. Douglas Merril, the former Google CIO and current ZestFinance CEO says “not having enough time for exercise because of work is an excuse. I work at a treadmill desk all day, and end up walking about eight miles each day.”


    1. Learn a new hobby – This can be as basic as crocheting because you love your grandmother’s old blankets or as advanced as becoming a decent golf player because you’re looking for a way to stay active and spend time with your friends. Set up a few goals for hobbies you would like to see yourself becoming good at in 2017 and give them a go! If you notice by April time that they’ve fallen off your radar, give yourself another push, otherwise you may regret it when December comes around and you wish that you had made Christmas presents from scratch but never learned how to.


  1. Plan ahead – If you go into your week with a scratch on the head and “where do I start,” try instead to create a list of to-do’s for the following week every Monday. Going in with clear goals in mind and a checklist you can cross off that will not only make you feel good, but also accomplished and organized. You’ll find yourself floundering less between commitments and spend more free time on yourself if you have a clear schedule in mind for the week.

It’s easy to make goals at the start of a new year, but it’s another thing to keep those goals and work on them every single day. Tack your list on a location that you look at every single day like a bulletin board or even your refrigerator door. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to keep on track when you have your list in front of you every single day!


Joanna Stark

Marketing Director

Joanna has been a part of the Rebel Desk team from the very beginning! She contributes regularly on the Rebel Desk blog and enjoys sharing her experiences with walking and working. You can reach her at jstark@rebeldesk.com.

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