Do Treadmill Desks Save Employers Money?

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When it comes to investing in corporate wellness, you might wonder: Do treadmill desks save employers money? The answer is yes, but the reason why treadmill desks save money might surprise you.

Workplace absenteeism costs American businesses $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 each year for salaried employees. Just some of the reasons for workplace absenteeism are burnout, stress, low morale, depression, illness, and injuries. When you’re spending over 40 hours a week in one place, there’s a good chance that work can influence some of those causes and induce absenteeism. Employers and business owners are instilling healthy and valuable options for their employees, like treadmill desks, to lower workplace absenteeism – and it’s working.

In a new research study done by the New South Wales Government as part of its “Get Healthy at Work” program, they’ve discovered that by creating health programs for employees, small and medium-size businesses can save as much as $100,000 over 5 years. So what do businesses need to do to start reaping the benefits of happy employees? Quite simply, install healthy workplace activities that employees can use throughout the day. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Treadmill Desks – Giving employees the option to get exercise during the day will not only help them look better, it will help them feel tremendously better too. In businesses that report high absenteeism, 64% of their employees report being unable to cope with stress involving their job. One of the greatest benefits of using a treadmill desk is the relief of stress while you’re working. By channeling stress into healthy walking, relief can come in the form of exercise, rather than days off.
  2. Walking meetings – With weather warming up, take that morning meeting outside. As an employer or boss, you might feel that you open up with your employees more when they’re in a more casual setting with you. Sometimes the pressure of a meeting in your closed door office might be too much to handle. Next time, offer a walk to the local coffee shop when you want to talk about business reports and progress. An informal setting might do just the trick for both you and your employee.
  3. Invest in wearable technology – The popularity of wearable technology has increased over the last few years, and they’ve continued to grow. Starting at around $50, offering an optional device to your employees might be that work perk they’ve been looking for. Add in an element of a contest, offer free gym classes during the day, or encourage using their treadmill desk and you will find a healthy group of employees looking forward to their day. They might even feel bad about taking a day off and sitting in front of the TV for 8 hours!

While the savings seems high and mighty for employers for installing key health options for their employees, the benefits are actually much more than savings and return on investment. Making your place of business a great place to work, can even attract top talent and increased business over time. It’s exciting to see how a healthy workplace will influence business success over time.

Joanna Stark

Director of Marketing

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