Do Treadmill Desks Really Work?

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We get asked all the time, do treadmill desks really work? The answer is yes! Treadmill desks truly do work for those looking to make a positive change in their life, whether it be for losing weight, gaining focus, or feeling better overall. As explained below, treadmill desks work best for certain challenges faced by many of us. If you’ve been looking for a solution to energize your Monday through Friday lifestyle, a treadmill desk might be exactly what you need. Here’s a few ways that owning a treadmill desk can work for you.

Works to supplement your exercise routine – You’ve been bringing your own lunches into the office for the last 6 months, and you’ve become a pro at creating flax-chia-fruit custards for healthy treats. Those spin cycle classes have gotten so trendy that you have to sign up for them a week early just to get into a class that finishes before work starts. Unfortunately, you haven’t seen much progress and you’ve started to blame the 8 hours in your office chair for the lack of change. There’s a good chance that all the calorie counting isn’t cutting it and a treadmill desk might just do the trick.

Walking at your treadmill desk consistently burns calories, supplementing everything you’re doing to stay active and healthy and      helping you keep those pounds off. If you’re interested in learning how much weight you can lose by walking at work, this article explains it in detail. Other studies have shown that while exercise is always good for you, sitting for one hour in your chair actually nullifies 20 minutes of your workout. So rising at 6 AM to get to the gym might all be going to waste if you’re stuck in your chair for 8 hours.

Works to improve your focus and productivity – It can’t be easy for anyone to focus on a single task or project for an entire day. And we can’t blame! Likely your Twitter feed during election season is more interesting than reviewing monthly reports. A treadmill desk can be the perfect opportunity to pump out those reports and have time to spare for some social media browsing all before lunch time! One study found after following two separate test groups for over a year, that the treadmill desk test group increased their productivity 10% over the sitting test group.

We tested this ourselves and asked Rebel Desk users to describe how they felt after using their treadmill desk after 6+ months. The most common language used was increased focus, productivity, and happiness. When asked what they would do if their Rebel Desk was taken away from them, some of the responses were “I would be lost. I love my treadmill desk and ability to walk a portion of my day!” and “Very angry! I love the freedom I feel moving around.”

Works to improve back pain – Pains and strains account for 42% of injuries that require time away from work. Most of those injuries involve the back and spine. Back pain actually costs employers $20 to $50 billion annually just in the United States. The issue with back injuries is that not only is it difficult to treat and results in workplace absenteeism, but it has a high reoccurrence rate. Office chairs are actually hurting back recovery. Sitting stiff in a chair is extremely harmful for your back and 8 hours of being immobile can really do a number on how you feel every day.

Being able to move at a treadmill desk, whether you are walking or standing at your desk gives you the flexibility to move and stretch, which is tremendously better than sitting in a chair for your back. We were designed to move all day, and the fanciest of chairs won’t make your back feel better if it’s been injured.

Treadmill desks can work for everyone. If you’re needing a way to stay energized at work or a way to keep those pounds off for being sedentary, or if you’re looking to improve your overall health, a Rebel Desk is the way to go. Do treadmill desks really work? Absolutely.

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