Do Standing Desks Make You More Productive?

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Standing desks can relieve back pain, help you burn calories, and tone muscles. But can standing desks make you more productive. A recent study found that standing desks can make you more productive – a lot more productive.

People around the country are really feeling the effects of sitting at their chair all day. When they search for the perfect solution to their run-of-the-mill office desk, they stumble upon the Rebel Up 2000 and decide to make the switch. For several years, Rebel Desk has  been talking about the health benefits of standing more, and with numerous studies, and countless customer testimonials we’ve been proving it every single day.

The latest study released by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health quantified the benefits of standing at your desk. Over the course of 6 months, the study followed two separate groups of call center employees — half of them sitting and half of them using their standing desk. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the group with the option to stand was a lot more productive. In fact, that groups productivity increased by 46% than their sitting counterparts.

The study also found that the standing group had to become acclimated at their new standing solutions before reaping the benefits. Once they became familiar with working while at their standing desk throughout the day, they found standing to be easier or as easy as sitting, and found other benefits besides the increased productivity. Specifically, “[n]early 75 percent of those working at stand-capable workstations experienced decreased body discomfort after using these desks for the six-month duration of the study.” said Gregory Garrett, leading author of the study. This finding means that nearly all of the people who participated in the study felt better from using a standing desk than sitting all day.

With call center positions that are heavily productivity focused, this study can be a catalyst to more centers like the one in the study incorporating standing desks for their employees. And for those who are just looking for ways to feel better and get higher quality work done every day without their chair, this study proves that standing desks are great at keeping your body and mind active.

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