Curb Cravings at Your Treadmill Desk

It’s easy to blame your 8+ hours in your office chair on gaining a few extra pounds. Being sedentary for so many hours a day can make you tired and restless. Relying on coffee and sugar feels like a necessary evil to getting through the work week.

And it’s true – one study conducted by the University of Chicago found that if you have a sedentary career, your body mass index (BMI) is typically 3.3 units higher than someone with an high activity job. If your office is equipped with a vending machine, it’s easy to reach out for one of those chocolate bars. Here are some ways to make healthier choices at work and avoid high-sugar, calorie filled foods.

1. Walking curbs those sugar cravings

A recent study showed that walking actually reduces cravings for sweets. The study, which followed people who were overweight and tracked their eating habits, found that those who walked at a treadmill desk for 15 minutes had the desire to snack less than those who were sitting. After walking or sitting, the participants sat still for 5 minutes and then unwrapped a piece of candy. Those who had just walked reported significantly lower cravings both during the exercise and when they held the unwrapped candy in their hands.

2. Healthy snacking is an option

Eating small meals throughout the work day can keep you energized and your mind active. Carrots, hummus, or nuts in between meals are a good alternative to chips and chocolate. Also, packing your own lunch, rather than driving over to the fast-food restaurant is a better option if you’re trying to stick with healthy options.

3. Use your lunch time to catch-up with co-workers

It’s easy to plop down in the break room at your office with your cell phone to check out social media. That hour can go by so slowly. Instead, go out with a co-worker for a walk around theoffice building. It’ll refresh you for the rest of the day!

Getting in some calorie-burning activity, plus making healthy eating choices can help you to feel more energized all day.


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