Creating An Office That Inspires

We spend eight or more hours a day in our office space. Our office becomes a second home to us, and it’s important to feel comfortable and enjoy the time you spend there.

Offices come in different shapes and sizes, but all could be customized to give you a place that you love spending time in, and enjoy showing off to others. We wanted to put together a list that can help you create an office space that inspires and keeps you zen all at the same time.


1. Flowers/Greenery– Adding a plant or two onto your desk adds life (literally) to your space. If you’re not great at maintaining orchids or potted plants–or lack sunlight in your area– think about lucky bamboo or modern  succulents in a cool terrarium. They need to be sprayed every few weeks and don’t need sunlight to survive!

2. Pictures– Reminders of your family, friends, and pets help keep you motivated throughout the day. If you don’t have a lot of desktop space, think about investing in a digital frame. A digital frame is always the hot “Secret Santa” gift at the office, and you could have all your favorite memories rotate throughout the day!

3. Wall Art/Poster– We’re huge fans of art that makes you happy. Whether it be a fancy painting of an ocean-scape, a modern city picture still, or something fun that puts a smile one your face. If you love it, hang it up!

The only acceptable motivational poster we've found.

The only acceptable motivational poster we’ve found.

4. Desk Accessories– Let your personality or experiences come through with what you have on your desk. We’ve seen a shoe lovers “high heal tape dispenser” or fun shaped Post-It Notes. Dress up your desk with something you’ve found while on vacation or road trip. Give your space a story, and let others relish in your creativity!

5. Standing/Treadmill Desk– We always hear, “I need a treadmill desk because I don’t have enough time to walk or exercise after work.” Create your own treadmill and standing desk option that will keep you motivated, energized, and focused during that 3PM lull your office goes through. You might even get more visitors at your office space just to admire the awesome set-up you’ve created for yourself!

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