Cold Temperatures Keeping You Inside?

bridge with lights

Unless you’re living in Florida, you probably have not been outside much lately. Endless snow storms and frigid temperatures are closing schools and offices to keep roads safe. While these icy messes are being taken care of outside, most of you are inside with the heat cranked up trying to stay occupied with work or kids.

Looking for a silver lining in these frigid days, we’re reminded of why we love our Rebel Desk treadmill desks so much. When taking a stroll around the block can literally mean frostbite, we are very appreciative of the ability to take a stroll at our desk.

As temperatures stay consistently cold, we still were putting in mileage on our walking treadmills. And we didn’t have to put on four layers of socks and a facemask!

Winter is not over yet. Don’t let it take a toll on your activity level. Get a treadmill desk and keep moving!

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