Can Your Office Dog Help Your Health?

Lately, we’ve been hearing that more and more offices are allowing dogs in the workplace. We love the idea just as much as we love our beagles here at Rebel Desk!

While not everyone might be a dog person, they seem to be the most office friendly companion. In fact, one in five American companies allow dogs in the workplace. Here’s a few reasons why you might want to bring Fido into the office next week.dog4

1. Dogs help reduce stress. A study showed that those who brought their dogs into work with them were less stressed. The study observed that employees whose pets were at home while they were at work were much more stressed on the job than those that had pets in their workplace.

2. Having a dog around can reduce work-related absenteeism and keep people focused for longer when they are in the office. Feeling more satisfied and happy with your job makes it easier to focus and check things off that to-do list. Dogs can give you a reason to look forward to going to work when you otherwise might begrudgingly get out of bed.

3. You’ll be more active throughout your work day thanks to your office dog. Between a few short dog walks and a fun lunch break, you’ll be thankful for some fresh air and your buddy by your side. Imagine the health benefits from using your standing desk and treadmill desk and having your best canine friend to keep you active? Your work week might be busy, but it can be fun and rewarding too!

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