Can You Lose Weight Using A Treadmill Desk?

Many of our curious treadmill desk followers have asked us:

“Can a treadmill desk help me lose weight?”

The answer is, yes! Weight loss can be one of the many benefits of regular treadmill desk use. Just look at Tech Crunch’s John Biggs, who tried out a Rebel Treadmill 1000 during this busy holiday season.

Biggs reported that after using his treadmill desk consistently for a couple weeks, he dropped about one pants size. And this was in spite of: 1) holiday dinner, 2) “lots of beer”, 3) travel, 4) being sick for a bit, and 5) cold weather!

Biggs said that he could easily walk 3 miles per day while being productive. His experience reminds us how important getting in those extra steps can be during these cold, holiday months. When the temperature drops, inactivity goes up.

You may have heard the recommendation that we walk 10,000 steps per day, which is about the equivalent of five miles. Yet, the average person walks 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day. In the winter that number can drop even lower.

Combine this with the time of year when we’re indulging in sweet treats and holiday fare and you get a recipe for weight gain and unhealthy habits.


Keep those holiday cookies off your waistline and lose weight while working on a treadmill desk! With a treadmill desk though you can easily put in a half mile in half an hour. That adds up each day and then over each month!

Treadmill and standing desks have other health benefits as well. You can learn about them here!

All these benefits AND potential weight-loss! What are you waiting for?! Get your treadmill desk today before the New Year’s panic sets in!

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