Can A Treadmill Desk Really Change Your Life?

Over here at Rebel Desk, we are so excited about our upcoming launch that we’re practically jumping off of our treadmill desks!

Stay tuned for a redesigned website, all kinds of photos and video of our treadmill desk, and an amazing launch sale!

To keep us grounded (quiet literally) and to remind us what this whole treadmill desk venture is about, we recently revisited the Rebel Desk company mission statement. (Don’t click away! Mission statements can be cool!)

Here it goes:

To transform your work space into a gateway for well-being, health, and success.

Sounds lofty? We think it’s totally possible.

Many of us spend more time working than we spend doing anything else. And for most of us, working means physically being at a desk. We have a physical space that we engage with hour after hour, day after day, month after month, and yet we don’t necessarily consider how that space is shaping us. If you had to reflect on your work space, would it bring a smile to your face, a feeling of contentment, or would it provoke a sigh and perhaps even a whimper of despair.

If you have to spend all this time at your desk, why not turn it into a positive?

That is exactly what Rebel Desk has designed its treadmill desk and standing desk to do. When you walk at a treadmill desk or stand up while you work, it changes the course of your day. You will feel healthy, productive, and energized. These feelings create a positive cycle of well-being.

Maybe you’ll skip that extra cup of coffee that you usually need. Maybe you won’t get as frustrated dealing with the latest IT issue. Maybe you’ll resist the donuts in the kitchen and go for a walk to grab something healthier. Maybe you’ll keep rocking on your project after lunch rather than feeling like you need a nap. And then when it’s time to go home, maybe you won’t feel like just collapsing on the couch. You can make the most of those precious hours that you are not at your desk.

Made every day, these kind of decisions start to add up. Pretty soon you’re getting stronger, losing weight, feeling healthier, and making the most of your non-work time. Is it all due to a treadmill desk or standing desk? No, not entirely. But something needs to be the catalyst to making positive choices. The way that you feel while walking on a treadmill desk or working at a standing desk can be that catalyst.

What do you think about our mission statement? How do you want to transform your work space?


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