Breaking Down Workplace Fitness Options

Torey Johnson at a treadmill desk

Good Morning America recently ran a feature on fitness myths that focused on whether using a standing or treadmill desk really is a good idea. Tory Johnson, a GMA correspondent, explained how she used her Rebel Desk in her office every day. Tory bought her Rebel Desk so could be more focused and feel better about herself everyday. If you missed it, you can watch the segment here.

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The standing desk and treadmill desk trend is here to stay. Researchers are busy discovering what the benefits of standing more during the workday. Dr. Michael Jemsen from the Mayo Clinic noted:

The benefit of a standing desk is you’re already standing, you’re burning about 20% more calories than if you were sitting. And in addition because you’re already standing, you’re probably more likely to be doing some additional subtle movements that burn even more calories.

Less sitting during your work day also reduces your chances of diabetes and premature cardiovascular disease.

Everything should be done in moderation though. If you’ve been sitting in your office chair for 8 hours a day the last 15 years, giving up your chair completely isn’t necessarily recommended. Painful knees and joints and swollen ankles can result in doing too much all at once. We encourage regularly switching between standing, sitting, and walking. Spend some time walking at your desk, or taking a walking break around the block. Stand in the early morning to stay energized. If you want to sit, an exercise ball is an alternative way to take a break, while still engaging your core muscles.

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The benefits of changing the way you work during the day go beyond your health. A change of scenery gives your brain a restart of sorts. You may find that you’re most creative while walking. You might discover that when you stand, you are hyper-focused on spreadsheets that often take you hours to complete because your mind wanders when sitting. It’s hard to sit in a chair all day staring at a computer screen, and with more workplace options than ever before, take your pick and incorporate something new into your office routine!

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