Better Ways to Sit When You Just Have To

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We’re obviously not too big on chairs here at Rebel Desk. When you’re looking to purchase an office chair, you’ll often see a “hourly rating” next to the chair. They’ll even include labels next to the price tag such as “plush”, “extended sitting”, and my personal favorite, “athletic.” The more time you need to spend in the chair, the more expensive the chair gets. Unfortunately, ponying up extra cash for a chair with a 12-hour rating still can’t help you escape the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

You still need to sit and when you do, you can sit better with just a few tips.

1. Perching is an alternative – Have you ever seen a bird sitting on its behind, with it’s legs extended off the branch? Of course not!  Birds lean with their feet on a branch essentially in a perching stance. You can do the same in your office. There are perching stools you can buy that give you a chance to sit and rest, without fully reclining into a chair. You can improve your posture, reduce pressure on your back, and give your legs some movement. These perching stools work great with our adjustable height desk too! If you can’t get a perch stool, look for the chance to perch on a desk or table. You can give you body a bit of rest without the negative effects of a chair .

2. Popcorn-ing your way through the day – Popcorn-ing is a fun phrase to describe switching regularly between different ways and places to work. We love this idea because a change of scenery can keep you focused and creative. Here’s an example: Hour 1- Catch up on e-mails while having breakfast in your kitchen nook. Hour 2- Take conference call at your standing desk. Hour 3- Perch at your standing desk while writing content for your website. Hour 4- Walk to lunch and get some work done at your favorite local stop. Hour 5- Jump on your Rebel Treadmill 1000 for the next few hours and finish your day strong.

3. Sitting on the floor – Grab your laptop and try working on the floor. Sitting cross-legged, legs outstretched, or even on your knees will give your feet a rest and maybe you’ll even fall into a few extra yoga poses while you’re down there. Studies have found that eating while cross legged on the floor actually helps with digestion, weight loss, and better posture. The act of getting down to the floor and rising up off of it can help improve flexibility. Invite your favorite co-worker and have a picnic in or outside your office while brainstorming new ideas.


4. Exercise Balls aren’t just for the gym – You’ve probably seen it in your co-workers office. You might have even walked in on your boss sitting on one and thought you interrupted their break. Exercise balls though are an excellent alternative to sitting. Not only are they cost effective alternatives to a chair, but if you want to practice good posture, your back will love it too. They’re also great when you’re looking for a good stretch.

Worried you’re missing out on the latest and greatest ergonomic chair? Don’t be. The newest chairs still can wreak havoc on your health if you sit for too long. So try out these alternatives and if you’ve found a better way to sit, or just replace that chair with a treadmill desk! Your back will thank you!


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