Benefits of Using a Treadmill Desk According to Rebel Desk Customers

Many studies have discussed the benefits of using a treadmill desk, and we’ve referenced lots of them in our blog and website. But reading the results of a study is never the same as hearing from people directly. We regularly follow up with customers to see what they love about their treadmill desk.

In honor of closing out Treadmill Desk Week here at Rebel Desk, we’ve put together some of our favorite responses on the benefits of using a Rebel Desk.

We asked:

What benefits have you found from using your Rebel Treadmill 1000?

Our customers said:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.08.22 PM


These responses really highlight the problems that sitting can cause and how using a treadmill desk can ease those problems. When you sit, you’re posture suffers. Your back takes on significant additional pressure. Your circulation slows down. Your mind wanders. You get tired. When you stand and walk though at a treadmill desk, you fight back against these negative effects.

It’s exciting for us at Rebel Desk to hear about more people escaping the doldrums of the chair! We love that our customers are the leaders in the active working revolution! Are you ready to join? Check out other benefits of walking and working here.
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