Benefits of Adjustable-Height Desks in Shared Work Spaces

At Rebel Desk, we talk a lot about the future of work stations. Of course we believe that adjustable-height desks are a big part of that future.

Closely connected to the rise of adjustable-height desks, is the rise of alternative working spaces.
Given recent trends, it seems that the future of work space is a shared one. Around the world, more and more shared or co-working spaces are opening to serve entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and others.

A leading co-working publication, deskmag, recently reported some pretty incredible facts about the growth of co-working spaces:

More than 110,000 people currently work in one of the nearly 2,500 coworking spaces available worldwide. Compared to last year, there are now 83% more coworking spaces that serve a total of 117% more members! Considering only workdays, we see 4.5 new coworking spaces have emerged daily for the past twelve months. During the same time, the number of coworking members increased by 245 people on average each work day.

In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 800 co-working spaces, from the obvious hotspot of San Francisco  to the less obvious of Wichita.

Co-working spaces offer a welcome alternative to the coffee shops from which many entrepreneurs and small business owners previously did business. For those who might otherwise work from home, co-working spaces offer a chance to work around others while keeping costs low.

The trajectory of co-working spaces and the trajectory of adjustable-height desks seem destined to collide. In many co-working spaces, members do not have an assigned desk but rather can pick any desk they want on any given day. For co-working spaces that want to offer alternatives to sitting (which should be all of them given how bad sitting is for you!), a stationary standing-height desk just won’t cut it.

Rebel Desk System

Working at a standing-height desk that is not the right height can mean trouble for wrists, backs, and necks. Even half an inch off can make a difference in comfort level.

With an adjustable-height desk like Rebel Desk’s, any user can adjust the desk easily from sitting to standing height. It works great for folks from 4’0″ and 6’4″ in height. In a shared space, adjustable-height desks allow anyone to stand up and work at the right height.

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