Anxiety? Breath In, Out, and Stand Up.

Your day can have lots of stressors. Job stress, family stress, money stress, and more can pile up on your shoulders and weigh you down. Anxiety can be as slight as a stomach ache, or as intense as a panic attack that can feel like a heart attack. The way you manage stressful moments can be the answer to how intense your anxiety can show up.

Managing anxiety can be a challenge, and many turn to doctors for help, and others turn to breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to work their way through the attack. A new study has found that those who sit more, may be at a higher risk for anxiety. Can standing up result in less anxiety and a way to recover from panic attacks?

The Journal BMC Public Health analyzed 9 separate studies to see if those that spent more time being sedentary – watching television, working at a computer, and playing video games showed “moderate evidence” that increased sedentary behavior is associated with higher anxiety risk. Four of those studies showed that total sitting time was associated with increased anxiety risk. Five of those studies found that increased sedentary behavior was linked to increased risk of anxiety.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in the United States, 18.1% of people suffer from an anxiety disorder every year. This number has been steadily increasing, and scientists were interested in finding out if our sedentary lifestyle was a factor in causing more anxiety issues. The study found that depending on what sedentary activity you were doing, it could play a role in anxiety.

Long sedentary commutes showed a higher risk of anxiety issues, as well as those who spent a chunk of their day watching television. The sedentary behavior from commuting or watching TV can affect your metabolic health, sleep patterns, even your social life. Decreasing time spent sitting can benefit your mental health health and stress levels tremendously.

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