An Increase in Work Hours = An Increase in Sitting

chart of where people work most

44 is the new 40, and we’re not talking about age. We’re talking about the amount of work week hours.

A new report has been released discussing the amount of hours in the average work week across the United States. The bottom line: Americans are working more than ever. In all 30 of America’s largest cities, the work week average was 42.2 hours. Washington D.C., where Rebel Desk is based, ranked number 2 for the most work week hours with 43.5 hours. While New York was ranked lower on the list than might be expected, the city made up for that in average weekly commute time. New Yorkers spend an average 6.18 hours commuting to and from work each week.

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Washington Post– “The cities where people work the most in the United States”


For most people, longer work days and longer commutes mean increased stress, less time with family and friends, and – perhaps worst of all – more time sitting. Our bodies were not designed to be stuck in chairs for long periods of time and certainly not for 44 hours a week! For those waking up early to get to the gym, those extra hours in your office chair might not do your exercising any good. According to the Mayo Clinic, for every two hours of sitting, you cancel the cardiorespiratory fitness benefits of 20 minutes of exercise. So if you go to the gym for an hour, but sit for over 8 hours, your workout can be negated.

It’s not surprising then that so many people are seeking out new solutions to their growing sedentary lifestyle. Employees are looking for more than just a gym membership and healthy snacks in the break room. They want to option to stand and walk at their desks. And employers are listening. Active working solutions are replacing the traditional desk chair in offices across the country. At Rebel Desk, we work hard, but our treadmill desks help us to maintain our active and healthy lifestyles. As work week hours continue to rise, these are options that more people will be seeking out.

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