5 Tips for Staying Active During a Road Trip

We all laughed when we saw Fred Flintstone getting into his car in Bedrock, hoisting the car up with his hands, and using his feet to keep the car moving. In case you forgot, here’s a reminder! Fred-Flintstone-Barney-Rubble-Car


We laugh, but maybe Fred Flintstone was onto something!

Working at a company that sells treadmill desks and being used to staying active during the day, I dread getting into a car and staying sedentary for hours. I know that my co-workers do, too and I bet that many of our standing desk and treadmill desk users feel the same way. Once your body remembers how great it feels to be moving throughout the day, a few hours in one place can take its toll.

We wanted to put a few active traveling tips together so your road trip will leave you energized and your body feeling good, even after a few hours in a car.

1. Take a break, but avoid the rest stops! Rest stops are notorious for vending machines, fast food, and long lines. Instead, look for the ‘scenic view’ signs, and pull over. You’ll be surprised at how few people stop to admire the views, and you might end up on a short walk that results in great pictures and memories.

2. Pack your own snacks. Healthy food options while on the road are very hard to come by. Those option that you do find, likely will cost you several times more than an unhealthy snack. Want a very small container of fresh grapes? Get ready to pay $4! Want a giant bag of cheese crackers? No problem at the low price of $1.

Instead, plan ahead and bring your own snacks. A few favorites include fruit (fresh or dried), cheese, popcorn (minus the butter) and nuts. Make your own sandwiches, bring some water, and you’ll be set for a picnic along the way. You can even use the picnic table for some quick exercises!

3. Get your daily steps in while shoppingYou might not be looking for anything special, but those outlet signs along the way allow you to pull over for a much needed walking. Cruise around the clearance racks at your favorites stores to get in some steps for the day! Don’t forget to refill your water bottles before getting back into your car.

4. Don’t forget the family dog! If you’re traveling with your canine friend, make sure to pack a frisbee or ball so your pet can get some exercise too. They might seem to be asleep on the backseat, but would be so happy to get a little bit of exercise during the ride. Scoop out a local park so everyone in the family can stretch their legs!

5. Don’t just collapse when you make it to your destination. After an exhausting trip, all you want to do is plop onto a bed to relax. Instead, take a shower, and – if time permits – go explore! I did this recently after a long flight to France and felt much better getting out instead of passing out!

Until they invent the standing car, we hope these tips keep you feeling better during you ride!




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