5 Surprising Reasons You Should Be Walking At Work

man at treadmill desk

Today, we look outside the box and offer five surprising reasons you should be walking at work. Perhaps you’ve noticed your co-worker who recently got a treadmill desk seems happier and more energized than ever. Maybe your friend has told you how much she loves the new walking workstations that were installed in her office. Or maybe you were watching an episode of Jimmy Kimmel and caught him walking on his own treadmill desk.

It’s hard to ignore the growing number of treadmill desk users, and you’re finally considering getting one for yourself. Here are five surprising reasons why you should be walking at work, instead of spending eight hours in your chair.

Exercise is not enough – You do your very best to fit in a gym class before or after work. An hour of cardio or lifting weights is good for you, but that alone might not be keeping you healthy. In fact, for every 2 hours you sit, you lose 20 minutes of cardiovascular benefit gained from your workout. If you’re sitting for 8 hours a day, you’ve actually negated the benefits that early morning Zumba you gave up extra sleep for! Dr. Jarett Berry, an assistant professor of internal medicine and clinical science at UT Southwestern explained: “Our data suggest that sedentary behavior may increase risk through an impact on lower fitness levels, and that avoiding sedentary behavior throughout the day may represent an important companion strategy to improve fitness and health, outside of regular exercise activity.” Walking at work, even for 20 minutes every hour at your treadmill desk, can make your workouts worth it.

Get your best ideas flowing – What do Steve Jobs, Charles Dickens, and Sigmund Freud have in common? All three thinkers swore by walking to get their creative juices going. Studies have shown that people are actually more creative when they’re working at a treadmill desk. Dr. Avner Ben-Ner, a researcher on treadmill desks and productivity, said in regards to creativity, “You get more blood flow to the brain, and if you use your brain, you get an advantage from that. If you are slumped in your chair, you don’t get as much benefit from your brain,” If you’re stuck on a project and having a hard time putting words to paper, it is possible that walking can help your ideas come to life.

Reduce your stress levels – We’ve all had that critical deadline looming over our heads, keeping us awake at night. Maybe you are stressed about things happening outside the office, and it’s impacting your ability to focus. Treadmill desks can help reduce your stress levels and let you focus on the task at hand. By improving circulation and blood flow, walking gives your brain just what it needs to function optimally.  It’s amazing what walking can do, even at the slow pace of a treadmill desk. By engaging the body, your mind can be free to focus on what the tasks you need to get accomplished.

Better than eating at your desk – Are you doing this right now?  Noshing on a bag of M&M’s or a handful of chips? Slurping down a diet soda? The office can be one of the biggest temptations for unhealthy food and drink. Being active encourages you to stay physically active and occupied, rather than being distracted by snacks. Many Rebel Desk users also have found that their caffeine intake decreases once they added walking to their day. No need for caffeine when you’re energized at your treadmill desk!

Because you stand out for all the right reasons – Being a trendsetter is great. It’s always fun to say “I was listening to Florence and the Machines before they made it big.” We hear that all the time with treadmill desk users. Being the first in the office might mean your doing something different at first, but when you’re having to forward the web address to the Rebel Desk website multiple times a day, you know you’re onto something big. In fact, you’ll probably get to brag, “I was one of the first to have a treadmill desk in this office, and now everyone has one!”

It’s no secret that walking at work is a better alternative to sitting all day. But just how many and how significant the benefits from walking can be is surprising! Every day more people are making this change and becoming another voice in the treadmill desk revolution.

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