3 Productivity Apps You Can Use With Your Treadmill Desk

When you’re on a treadmill desk, distractions slip away and it becomes easier to focus and be productive. We hear from customers all the time about how much working on their Rebel treadmill desk boosts their work performance and output. In addition to our treadmill desk, we have some other favorite ways to stay focused and organized at work. Here are three of our favorite tools that you could use with your treadmill desk.

1. Mailbox – Keep your inbox organized

There are two types of people when it comes to your email inbox: 1) People who keep their inbox at “zero” (i.e no unopened emails) and 2) People who have 1,438 unread emails because they only open those they want to read. If you’re in the second group, Mailbox is a great tool to use. Mailbox takes your emails and helps you stay organized. If you’re spending too much time filtering through your huge inbox for the important stuff, this app is for you! This app intuitively learns your email patterns and organizes your e-mails for you. Love getting those coupons from your favorite clothing store, but rarely open up the email until you get inside the store? Mailbox will archive those emails automatically so they sit away from your inbox until you’re ready to use them. Mailbox can even delay your distracting emails from your inbox until you’re ready to view them. Want them after 5PM, no problem for Mailbox!

mailbox-will-help-get-your-inbox-down-to-zero2. Coffitivity – Bring that coffee shop chatter to you

No, you can’t order a grande iced latte and have it delivered to you as you walk at your Rebel Desk. (Hmmm, maybe someday!)  But a lot of people love to work at coffee shops because they benefit from the background noise. If you’re someone who loves the ambient noise of a coffee shop, and feel that you get your best work done with it, then this website is perfect for you! Coffitivity allows you to play noises from a coffee shop anywhere you are working. You can choose from the morning coffee shop sounds, the afternoon crowd noise, and even the college coffee shop atmosphere. Pick your favorite background noise and get productive on your project!

3. Slack – The new way to communicate as a team

The Rebel Desk team has adapted Slack into our daily routines and we’ve found it to be a great way to stay in touch with each other, focus on new and old projects and increase productivity during our busy days. What is Slack? Slack is an app that can be downloaded to your computer and your smart phone that largely takes the place of interoffice email. Slack works as a chatroom of sorts for your business. You can separate topics, projects, and ideas into its own hashtag and keep running discussions with your teammates. We find that we save a lot of time not having compose and send internal emails. Slack makes it easy to share documents and the search tool is really useful too!




Technology can help streamline your day in so many ways; it’s just about finding what works for you. Your Rebel Desk can be the first step towards greater productivity in the workplace. With these powerful and fun tools to go along with your treadmill desk, watch your creativity and work flourish.

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