3 Popular Tasks to do at a Walking Desk

Most people using walking desks do not walk for the entire day. While the ultra-walking desk user does exist, it’s more likely that folks are walking for 2-3 hours each day. For others, they may have a 30-minute window to use a shared walking desk as many offices purchase a few walking desks to share. The walking desks usually are placed in a common area where people can sign up to walk when they need a break from their chair.


As people switch between sitting, standing, and walking, which tasks are most popular to do while walking?

1) Conference Calls

People love to use their walking desks while on conference calls. Conference calls often are the calendar item we look forward to the least. But we have heard from Rebel Desk users that they actually look forward to conference calls because it allows for an hour or so of uninterrupted walking. That’s right, look forward to conference calls! You likely will be more engaged with the call as well if you are walking rather than just sitting back in your chair.

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2) Responding to Email

Productivity hacks often include setting aside three to four blocks of time during the day to check and respond to email. Constantly checking your inbox practically is second nature but all of those clicks add up to lost time by the end of the day. People who do set aside a block of time for email can really bang it out when they are working at a walking desk. Treadmill desk users often report feeling more focused when they are walking, which can help work through those messages in no time.

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3) Writing

Writing can an exciting process of beginning with one’s thoughts and crafting them into the perfect story, article, book, or post. It also can be a tough process to get through. There is a reason someone invented the phrase “writer’s block!”

The need for the mind to focus and the creative ideas to be flowing while writing may be while many writers are turning to walking desks. Susan Orlean of The New Yorker wrote an extensive piece about her experience using a walking desk. She reported that she now only writes while walking. A study by researchers at Stanford found that walking boosts creativity by 60% compared to being stationary. So the next time you have a big writing task to handle, try accomplishing it from a walking desk.

What is your favorite task to do while at a walking desk?



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