3 New Studies To Convince Your Boss to Buy Treadmill Desks

Is your boss still on the fence about introducing treadmill desks into your workplace? If your boss has been sitting at his or her desk for years, you might face an uphill battle in convincing them that the future of work is to stand, walk, and sit. New reports and studies have come out that might help you push your boss over the edge and into investing in some treadmill desks. Here are a few studies that can help your cause:

1. Are you in the 28 percent? Americans are more sedentary today than ever before. Last year, 28% of Americans said that they didn’t participate in a single physical activity. That number has significantly increased from just 7 years ago — a staggering increase of 18%. The health risks associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle are nearly overwhelming. When employees are sedentary, the company (and your boss) is probably paying the price. The increased amount of sick days due to back pain and more serious health issues is costing the company in dollars and in employee productivity.

2. Speaking of productivity… If your boss thinks a treadmill desk is a hindrance to your workday, you can put those concerns to rest. According to Brigham Young researchers: any productivity differences between sitting and walking are insignificant. According to this study, “[p]eople on treadmill desks perform cognitive tasks nearly as well as those sitting at desks, despite the fact that they are walking.” If you need any more proof, just ask any treadmill desk user. Productivity is the number one benefit Rebel Desk users list for their Rebel Treadmill 1000. Happiness follows in a close second place!

3. Need more scientific analysis for your boss?  This article is for you. One study found no impact on things like information processing, reading, and attention. And a brand new study found that treadmill desks even can improve memory and attention. Surely your boss will agree once they find out that they can lose weight at work. It is shown that treadmill desk users not only lose weight, but also decrease bad cholesterol levels in their body. Before you know it, your boss will be saying, “what took us so long to get these into our offices?”

Once you’ve got your boss hooked on the idea of treadmill desks, be sure to let him or her know about Rebel Desk’s quantity discounts!

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