3 Considerations When Buying A Standing Desk

If you’re ready to get out of your chair and start standing while you work, we’ve put together a few tips for what to consider when shopping for the perfect standing desk!

1. Desks with Adjustable Height

First, we recommend avoiding desks that cannot adjust between sitting and standing heights. Standing during the day has numerous benefits compared to sitting, including burning more calories, improving circulation, engaging core muscles, and relieving pressure on the back. But most medical professionals also don’t recommend standing all day.

You might have heard the phrase:

The best position is your next position.

Take this advice to heart and get a standing desk that can move between sitting and standing heights.

The other reason to invest in an adjustable height desk rather than a stationary standing desk is that you are more likely to be able to place the desk at the correct ergonomic height for you. With a desk that just stays in one place, you might be craning your neck, straining your wrists, or experiencing shoulder aches.

The Rebel Crank-Up 1000 series adjusts between 28” and 48” with the turn of a crank. Keep the Rebel Chair 1000 handy for those times you want to take a break and sit.

2. Stability

The next consideration for thinking about a standing desk is the stability. You want the desk to be as stable as possible at any height, especially with the weight of your work items on it. If you plan to put a treadmill underneath your standing height desk, then stability is even more important. When walking on the treadmill, you might use the desk to balance or rest your arms.

The Rebel Crank-Up 1000 is designed with an additional stability bar between the desk legs to make it as sturdy and stable as possible!

3. Desktop Space & Layout

Finally, we suggest that you consider desktop space and layout when selecting a standing desk. Make sure to check the dimensions, as some photos can seem deceiving on the size. Length generally will be more important than depth. At some point things will get out of arms reach on a very deep desk and therefore lots of depth may not be particularly useful. The Rebel Crank-Up series offers ample desktop at a great price – 28” deep by 48” length.

A great way to save space on your desktop is to add a keyboard tray. If you plan to use a keyboard tray, make sure that the standing desk you want to buy can accommodate one. Rebel Desk offers a coordinating keyboard tray for the teak-finish desk and glass desk.

Layout of your desk also is important. There are numerous products out there that allow you to lift your computer up higher so you can stand at a desk that otherwise is a sitting desk. While these can be economical options, you often need to bend forward to reach for things like your phone, papers, and writing utensils as they may have to be left on the lower part of your desk.

With an adjustable height desk, you can move everything with you whether sitting or standing. The Rebel Crank-Up series also includes removable side organizer trays that free up desktop space and keep small items neat.

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